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 Pokemon Battling Rules

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PostSubject: Pokemon Battling Rules   Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:47 pm

These aren't the tiers, that will be another thread, just the basic pokemon rules. Also this does NOT apply to the League rules, this is for standard tournies, and normal battles, and even then you have have lets say a "1HKO Tourny" where the rules are bent for tourny fun.

Usual Rules

1HKO clause: No using moves that cause an instant 1HKO. (Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold)

No Moody: The ability Moddy, is banned, no pokemon may have it.

Evasion Clause: Accuracy increasing moves are banned. (Double Team, Minimize)

Sleep Clause: You may not put to sleep more then one pokemon, on your opponets team, at a time. This does not include self inducing sleep, or accidental sleep.

Self KO clause: When both sides have exactly 1 pokemn, neight side may use self KO moves. (Explosion, Dystiny Bond, Self Destruct)

Species Clause: You may not use more then one of the same pokemon on a team, this does not include other evolutions. [But how about other forms?]

Other Rules (to possibly consider):

Hax Item Clause: Items that increase evasion are banned (Bright Powder, Law Incense) [How about other hax items? Like razor claw, king's rock, and quick claw?]

Complexity Clause: In OU and lower, the use of Swift Swim and Drizzle, is banned. [All swift swimmers? That means you baning a form of Luvdisc.]

Just throwing these down, see what you guys think, and to eliminate or add certain rules, and any discussion on them. Probably in a week we will vote on this.
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Pokemon Battling Rules
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