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 Pokemon League Rules

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PostSubject: Pokemon League Rules   Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:21 pm

• There are 8 Gym Leaders, 4 Elite Four members and 1 Champion.
• Each player has 6 Pokemon on their team.
•The player’s team will represent the gym they are representing. E.g. the person representing the flying gym will have flying Pokemon, the dragon gym with dragon Pokemon, etc.
•A player’s team must consist of: 4 Pokemon of the gym’s type and 2 of the opposing type. This means if you represent the Normal Type gym, 4 of your Pokemon must be normal type and 2 must be fighting type (normal type’s only weakness). If you represent the Steel Type gym, 4 of your Pokemon must be steel type and 2 must be of the opposing type (fire, fighting and ground).
•Dual types are permitted.
•Gym Leaders may recruit up to 2 players for their gym (Gym Trainers). These 2 players must follow the rules above, with the exception being they are only allowed 1 of the opposing type (meaning 5 must be of the gym’s type).

Things for challengers and leaders:

• A challenger can challenge a gym as many times as they wish (assuming the leader is available).
•A challenger can go straight to battling the Gym Leader if the leader gives the OK. If the leader does not give the OK, the challenger must battle and defeat the gym trainer(s) before challenging the leader.
•Following the storyline of Pokemon, a challenger must beat all 8 Gym Leaders before challenging an Elite Four Member. Because of availability issues, a trainer can battle Gym Leaders in any order.

Elite Four:

•Elite Four Members are chosen by the Champion.
•Teams of 6.
•Teams must hold 2 Pokemon of the type of the Elite Four member they represent. E.g. if a player is representing Karen, 2 of their Pokemon must be dark type.
•When an Elite Four Member is defeated, they do not lose their place. They will only be demoted from the Elite Four when the Champion decides they are not fit to continue as a member.


•Team of 6.
•Pokemon can be mixed.
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Pokemon League Rules
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